Clever Trade®

An ideal complement destined for businesses to consult and manage their financial transactions. Clever Card® can be associated as an external module to Clever Card® or to any other system.

With Clever Trade®, You optimize services

Clever Trade® is an online self-management platform, with a 100% friendly design that will allow businesses access to financial resources and services in a simple, dynamic and secure way.

Thanks to the knowledge of the credit market, we propose to provide you with a consultancy to retain and bring new businesses. For this, we have developed the product of Self-management of businesses.

Now, from any PC or mobile device with Internet, connectivity, a business will have specific information about its account and movements available, being able to execute in real time, all types of predefined banking operations.

Addressing the operational and communication part of this product linked to your Company, Clever Trade® establishes a reliable data interaction through web services. It allows the implementation of your business style and image, as well as the parameterization of commercial banners on each page that the business accesses.

Productive Characteristics

Businesses will be able, through a module:
  • To create and manage your login password
  • To see your future accreditations
  • To visualize the operations pending collection
  • To visualize and print the latest settlements with tax details
  • To visualize the sales statistic for the last year
  • To manage your claims

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