Clever Report®

It allows to exploit the information through reports, graphs and dashboards. It has a web interface with responsive technology that allows access to information from mobile devices and tablets. It has a robust security module that simplifies specific access to information through user groups. Access can be on demand or automatically generated with the possibility of sending the results by e-mail.

With Clever Report®, You win

Clever Report® is an advanced tool that will allow your company to achieve simplicity in the creation, administration and security of reports and information.

It is a necessary investment that will help you to automatically define reports that will increase the productivity of your company because it is a totally intelligent tool, easy to implement, and with reduced costs in training and maintenance.

Clever Report® allows a transparent technical-commercial adaptation with large, medium and small companies, using reports, graphs, dynamic tables and dashboards. All the resulting information can be exported in spreadsheets. The application will allow you to manage your channeled security on a single server, enabling centralized access to multiple data sources simultaneously.

Because it is a interfaz web, the information captured in the system in different offices and in different locations is automatically processed in real time by Clever Report®. This will make it possible to have in reach, anywhere and at any time, reliable and timely information for decision-making, creating a totally efficient organization.

The advantage of Clever Report®, is to have the ideal complement for your platform, allowing a totally independent use of your systems and at the same time perfectly integrated.

Clever Report® operates through a web interface that makes it possible to fully exploit the advantages that the “Internet” network offers companies in a globalized world, with permanent changes and constant updates. In this way, the data captured in any environment of your company is processed in real time, giving you the power to consult and / or decide instantly with unlimited access to the flow of information.

Productive Characteristics

  • Web environment;
  • It adapts to different database engines from a simple configuration for the connection to use. E.g.: Oracle, SQL server;
  • Full drag & drop for the entire administration;
  • It allows the export of data to spreadsheets;
  • It provides total security to the reports, graphs, tables and information generated, so that they can only be accessed by authorized users;
  • It allows the client to simplify the task of building reports in databases, allowing to add graphs and dynamic tables;
  • It operates with different databases simultaneously;
  • It makes it possible to export information that can be duplicated and reused to optimize processing times;
  • It sends results by e-mail or FTP;
  • It allows progress testing at any stage of construction;
  • Display of reports and creation of files;
  • Possibility of automating the executions by means of its own task scheduler;
  • Report allocation categorized by user;
  • It allows to visualize the generated queries in ANSI SQL code;
  • It shares specific information by user profile;
  • Simple to use. Easy to implement.

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