Clever Origination®

Workflow for the origination processes of any type of operation, mainly clients and credits. It allows you to manage multiple entities, branches and products. It has a module for the administration of users, profiles and accesses by type of process, being able to print and manage information in digital format. Because it is webtechnology, the application makes it possible to start a process in a branch office and resolve it at the headquarters in a matter of seconds.

With Clever Origination®, you are in control

Clever Origination® is an efficient tool embodied in an interactive workflow that will provide your company with the necessary support for the origination of any type of operation, especially clients and loans.

It represents a necessary investment that will allow you to have a dynamic and centralized view in the management of multiple entities and products.

Clever Origination® has a self-managing module for managing users, profiles, and accesses by type of process. You can now make constant evaluations of administrative procedures, history of changes, exceptions and final resolution, with prints and digital information.

Because it is an advanced web interface tool with built-in responsive technology, it can be used from any device with internet access such as mobile phones or tablets. The application makes it possible to start a process in a branch office and resolve it at the headquarters in a matter of seconds.

Clever Origination® presents predefined parametric that allows it to be adapted to various entities such as banks, credit card processors, financial entities, cash transportation, insurance companies, among others.

Clever Origination® is designed to work in an agile and orderly manner, in order to provide you with an integral solution in the entry, geolocation and monitoring of the different operations, within their life cycle. It has native integration with Clever Decision®, thus combining processes of excellence for the correct decision.

Productive Characteristics

  • Customer capture Workflow;
  • Web interface with responsive technology compatible with mobile devices and tablets;
  • Management console for administration of multiple entities, branches, products, analyst profiles, users, management instances;
  • Approval levels;
  • Administration of digital documentation and geolocation;
  • Visualization of history of changes for audits;
  • Print administration (forms, contracts, status charts;
  • Visualization of history of decisions;
  • Credit simulation with amortization table and product selector;
  • Integration with other solutions for single client administration;
  • Web console for monitoring requests, logs and events;
  • Integration by services;
  • Alerts via e-mail;
  • Ability to integrate with external services;
  • Native integration with our fully manageable decision engine: Clever Decision®.

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