Clever Monitor®

An administration and transfer of information through files and execution of recurring processes. It provides total independence, reducing programming costs with great results in less time than the traditional ones. It allows to build the designs considering all kinds of combinations and has, as a complement, a pre-processing module for the execution of scripts that adjusts the formats. It adapts to the maintenance of data werehouse and processing of massive means of payment.

With Clever Monitor®, You have the control

Clever Monitor® is the integral solution for the exchange of files and data among various environments and systems of your company.

It is the necessary investment that will help you optimize the human and financial resources available to your company, due to the simplicity and dynamism provided by the intelligence of this tool.

It allows to build and develop different types of interfaces quickly and efficiently, combining different formats in the exchange of data.

Developed to be implemented by any company that requires fast, safe communication among systems through data processing, file transmission and process execution. Automation and control over the data that enters and leaves your company, it brings clarity and efficiency to the business.

It uses a simple and friendly web design, facilitating rapid understanding and execution for users, which will considerably improve production times in your company.

It has an innovative and fully parametrizable task scheduler, allowing integration processes to run on days and times that you have. At the same time, you can visualize the execution status of each of the scheduled tasks on the web.

Because Clever Monitor® is a tool that processes all the required information.
For doing this, it has

  • Powerful ETL;
  • Sophisticated monitoring tools;
  • Reliable file transmission through different channels;
  • Reliable security schemes to meet the highest and most demanding standards.

With the Clever Monitor®, task scheduling service, you can automate the transmission and processing of all your interfaces.

Productive Characteristics

  • It eliminates the need for programming to generate output interfaces and it allows validation of the existence, completeness, format and consistency of input interfaces;
  • It allows to parameterize complex multi-layout formats with numerous headings, details, totalizers;
  • The transformation of formats is automatic, being able to define reusable rules among different interfaces;
  • It allows to generate parameterizable alerts managed with thresholds for anomalies; for example, record amounts, totals, interfaces not received;
  • It processes large amounts of data optimally, reliably and safely, using background processes so as not to interfere with your business tools;
  • It uses mass rollover technology of data to give the highest speed to critical information exchange processes;
  • It allows screen editing in the event of errors in input interface fields. With this functionality, no user manipulates the files;
  • It has an execution environment controlled by calendars, which allows automating the generation of interfaces, reporting errors by mail, generating control files, executing pre and post processes, as well as accepting the compression and transmission of input and output files through of protocols like FTP, SFTP, SSH;
  • It allows to generate independent processes in file transmission, database execution and batch script execution. In this way, you will be able to chain them with interfaces and ETL allowing a total integration with all the systems of your company, establishing complex circuits and efficiently controlling the distribution of information in your company;
  • It has a security scheme based on users and profiles that allows to define, in a simple way, which users or groups will be able to view or manage the different functions of the system (task independence).

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