Clever Collection®

An application that allows 100% parameterization of strategies and profiles, through segmentations and decisions, for the execution of an efficient Collection process. This generates a solution with a front end web y mobile web and mobile that allows the exploitation from different geographical locations (Branches).

With Clever Collection®, You ensure success

Clever Collection® is the tool that will ensure a considerable improvement in the collection process.

Currently, most companies in the market make expensive investments, both in time and capital, for the development and / or hiring of comprehensive management systems. However, commonly, extremely important aspects are neglected to reduce the delinquency portfolio and on the contrary, achieve increases in the collection percentages.

Clever Collection® is developed to feed off data and information from each client, interacting within their systems through interfaces and transferring their contents into a powerful decision engine. The result is translated into a detailed description of the particular status of each individual or stakeholder, which will allow you to apply personalized or global decisions to ensure the success of the collection. Because it is a web mobile, you will have all the information available wherever and whenever you need to decide.

The application meets the highest market demands, increasing its productivity, optimizing company performance and reducing operating costs thanks to its limited implementation time.

Given the perfect articulation between the Clever Collection® modules and the existing processes in your organization.

Clever Collection® consists of an architecture fully adaptable to your needs, where you can develop and parameterize the business rules in the ‘back office’ and which will then be applied in the operational management of the web. platform. A flexible security scheme segmented by profiles, allows the handling of information with the highest possible security, available at any time and place, providing you with safe, reliable and timely data that will help you optimize your decisions. Clever Collection® helps you create a much more efficient organization.

Productive Characteristics

  • Web system for entities;
  • Front End and Mobile results for immediate exploitation from any site;
  • Intelligent operation through input and output interfaces;
  • 100% parameterizable decision engine;
  • Impact in real time;
  • Total definition of policies;
  • Profile security;
  • Collection strategies and priorities parametry;
  • Field management;
  • Portfolio segmentation;
  • Collections score;
  • Campaign;
  • Zoning;
  • Management history and contacts per client;
  • History of debts;
  • Debt details;
  • Product details by customer;
  • Pre-collection strategies;
  • Calculations for being in arreas;
  • Management of collections for being in arreas;
  • Promises of payment;
  • Write-off;
  • Refinancing of total or partial debt;
  • Payment channels;
  • Rejection management;
  • Strategies for sending reminders of debt and due dates: Telephone, e-mail, SMS;
  • Reports, indicators and dashboards for online access;
  • Automatic and manual reports;
  • Export of multi-format information;
  • Simple to use, easy to implement.

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