Clever Card®

A tool that supports the processing and management of loans and cards. It is 100% parameterizable with real-time impact of its configurations, covering all the necessary aspects for the commercial, administrative, operational and business management support. It allows to operate multiple entities, products and branches with total independence, through an agile and modern web interface.

With Clever Card®, You are in Control

Clever Card® is the tool that will provide you productivity and simplicity when it comes to covering all the fundamental aspects for the commercial, operational, administrative and business management support with a limited implementation time.

It is a necessary investment that will help you simplify and automate loan and card administration and processing tasks, putting at your disposal an operational control that will allow you to streamline customer operations.

Clever Card®, due to its wide scope and excellent utility, it covers the entire life cycle of loans and cards. It is fully parameterizable with real-time impact of its configurations. It allows to operate multiple entities, branches, products, affinity groups, operations and currencies, with total independence, through an agile and modern web interface.

The application is designed to meet the most complex business requirements, providing organizations with the possibility to increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower operating costs.

Due to the perfect integration between the Clever Card® modules and the processes of your organization.

Clever Card® consists of an architecture adaptable to your needs. It has two main modules: the first a back office destined to parameterize the business rules; and the second, a web platform for operational management.
Both modules are complemented by a flexible security scheme segmented by profiles. This allows the information to be handled with the highest security, anywhere and at any time; translating into safe, reliable and timely information for decision making, creating a much more efficient organization.

Productive Characteristics

  • Web system for entities;
  • Impact in real time;
  • Single multi-product customer;
  • Affinity groups;
  • Management of rates and amortizations;
  • Process automation;
  • Authorizing call center;
  • Loyalty administration (points);
  • Management of commissions and charges;
  • Payment channels;
  • Management of rejections;
  • Management of accounting entries;
  • Refinancing of total or partial debt;
  • Management of claims;
  • Management of collections for arrears;
  • Plastic stock management;
  • Security by profiles;
  • Simple to use, easy to implement.

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