BeClever: the ability to grow in quarantine

'Virus', 'COVID', 'pandemic', 'quarantine' and so many more nouns for a single certainty: economic and social debacle.

Regardless of the permanent threat to public health systems, regional economies suffered severe upheavals with the complicity of political decisions implemented by stressed governments: restrictions on circulation resulting in a radical decrease in consumption, with remnants of supplies for almost zero demand ; without doubt, all factors that devastated the commercial sector and its sources of employment.

Faced with this reality, few companies were able to turn this situation into an opportunity. “Honestly, we cannot speak of a lost year in economic terms. We have made the right decisions, accompanied by strategic commercial campaigns, which resulted in an increase in our client portfolio. We have recently signed commercial agreements with banks and automotive entities in other countries, so we can guarantee that in this context we have had the capacity to grow. We used the first months of the pandemic to invest heavily in new technologies, incorporating and training a significant number of human resources, promoting the development of new areas such as R&D and Content, to the point that we had to add physical spaces in San Luis with his corresponding equipment ”, emphasized Gustavo Defilpo, president of BeClever.

“The balance is highly positive. We continue to grow. We accompany the moment and the needs of our Clients immersed in this new and demanding market of digital and financial inclusion. Logically, we are working hard to close a good 2020 ”, concluded Defilpo.

Automotive Industry: The need to constantly reconvert

In Argentina, for several years, the automotive industry has been adapting to the dizzying market conditions. It is enough to review some situations to be able to contextualize this process of constant reconversion:

The financial struggle

Long-standing dispute has been established between concessionaires and banks in order to attract customers to finance new and used vehicles. In the last decade, this contest has been appeased through strategic alliances between the different commercial firms. The break-even point begins within the automotive companies, who now originate the request for credit from their financial ally, while the bank, in addition to financing the unit (and earning from the applied interest), generates a new “banked” individual in its system. ”With the possibility of activating other products.

Economic and political reality

Cyclically, Argentina presents ups and downs in its local economy, putting the automotive industry at clear risk; even from its production. It is there that the challenge arises again for the automotive companies (and also financial ones) to devise really interesting recruitment models for these individuals punished by the economy. Another somewhat variable point for automotive companies is linked to the current policies of the National State capable of implementing economic measures that apply to an entire industry; either through national credits, special subsidies for the acquisition of new units, campaigns at a 0% interest rate, renovation plans, etc.

Pandemic and current events

With the concessionaires operating at their minimum expression, the terminals bet everything on virtual sales. BeClever took on the challenge of generating an online platform capable of: presenting the vehicle, seeing the financing available for that unit, evaluating the client and granting the appropriate loan in real time.

In this context, being supported by a robust, agile and efficient system, capable of reacting to market variations, is extremely important. Society is isolated and at the same time interconnected by the network. In it they focus and idealize their post-quarantine days, so the offer and the power of attraction must be turned there. The here and now, the simplicity of being able to fulfill a desire is the goal that the automotive industry must set. At BeClever we have this solution capable of offering everything necessary to recover the lost profitability; even interconnecting Automotive and Financial Entities. We thank GPAT Compañía Financiera for giving us that trust to accompany them in times when agile, reliable and quality actions are needed.

BeClever recognized for its interaction with public policies in San Luis

BeClever recognized for its interaction with public policies in San Luis

For several years, the Government of San Luis has been implementing strong investments in digital and technological inclusion. To its state public policies is attached the installation of a technological pole capable of housing companies in the Software industry, complemented by the supply of trained resources in development and programming; an ideal setting for the related private sector. Within this context, BeClever S.A. It is operating in the Computer Park, drawing on personnel trained at the University of La Punta (ULP).

Alicia Bañuelos, rector of the ULP and provincial minister of Science and Technology, represents an undisputed pillar in this digital revolution that San Luis is experiencing, and through the official government portal she recognized the work carried out by BeClever S.A. in the province.

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The challenge of financial systems in the “new normal”

Historically, financial institutions always showed a somewhat advanced technological trait. Regardless of an important segment of people reluctant to digital inclusion, the system little by little was inducing its users to carry out virtual procedures; initially through ATMs, then via the web and finally through the use of 'apps'. However, in certain operations, face-to-face validation requirements continued, such as the registration of signatures, which, added to the traditional and accustomed customers to manual operations, considerably populated the different branches. In summary, the technology applied by them had as main objectives to generate a greater flow of simultaneous operations with fewer physical actors involved, thus reducing customer traffic and operating costs within the entities.

Clearly the history of humanity will be marked by this pandemic, which did not leave an edge immune to making changes. In this context, financial institutions and their users had to re-adapt themselves to totalizing their operations in virtual mode.

It is enough to mention the social chaos in the banks of Argentina, where after the endless lines for the collection of pensions during the first days of the isolation stage, they induced the National Government to make drastic decisions in order to safeguard the health of each person. In this way, banks had to readjust against time to implement new measures, such as previous shifts, teleworking, validation through apps, ATM payments without a card, etc. Complementarily, they had to intensify their communication methodologies to train as many users in the shortest time possible.

Currently, after 4 months of preventive, social and compulsory isolation, the entities are already thinking about how their operations will continue after the quarantine, during the so-called “new normal”. For this stage, they contemplate changes in customer service, greater investments in technology, and new mixed modalities of face-to-face and remote work within the entities. The pandemic has generated much more demanding and sophisticated users, strongly linked to technological change and new ways of operating from the comfort of their home.

The desire of the entities has been fully totalized. The great evolution of users in terms of financial education and digital transformation has been completed, so now, entities must ensure fast and quality responses in order to remain competitive. At BeClever we work tirelessly on developments that provide automation and convenience in multiple transactions, for all types of financial and credit institutions.

Virtual wallets, essential tools

The concept "globalization" was never better represented by the impact generated by the Covid-19 Virus.

The “pandemic” effect and its consequences in each region, exponentiated the vulnerability in which the nations of the globe live immersed. Health, economy, politics, culture, sports, society ... represent some of the topics that were savagely affected by this virus. However, the reaction capacity of each state was reflected in the choice of the tools used to give some continuity to the actions usually carried out.

The implementation of restrictive policies framed in the motto "stay at home", proclaimed an accelerated evolution of existing commercial forms, which had not yet reached such high popularity peaks as they do today. Initially, "Virtual Wallets" and "Electronic Payments" emerged as a good commercial practice for optimizing times, transfers, physical spaces, and other aspects of comfort for both Users and Companies. The need to administer a secure instrument, capable of reducing cash flow, avoiding conglomerates in banks and other collectors, raised the level of confidence in this solution, which, broadly speaking, allowed individuals to pay services, face debts. , receive payments or state aid without leaving their homes; especially for those ‘unbanked’ people.

Currently, virtual wallets consolidate an efficient platform for a village made up of Governments-Shops-Users, who find in it a necessary means for health care and for compliance with pre-established protocols.

For some time, we have been developing our own virtual wallet with the idea of ​​complementing our suite of products and services. The pandemic, without a doubt, led us to accelerate production times in order to make an efficient tool available to our customers. We understood the urgent need of each entity to be able to provide reliable online services for the continuity of their operations without the loss of competitiveness. Clever Wallet® was thought and designed to be implemented in any type of business and industry ”, commented Gustavo Defilpo, president of BeClever S.A.

We close the year; our first

Countdown to the end of this 2019 and when making a new balance there are only words of thanks for those who trust in our solutions.

We are pleased to think that we have already gone through 10 years with great sensations and excellent results.

We achieve cutting-edge developments to meet the demands of a highly competitive and highly evolving market. The seriousness implemented in each solution, supported by the capacity of our resources, position us as a leading company.

Some numbers

  • Clients in 6 countries
  • 154 Facilities
  • 12,049,452 Requests Processed
  • 2,869,596 of Loans Granted
  • 15,445,392,408 Campaign Evaluations

FinTech Services at BeClever

Since its inception, BeClever S.A. promotes efficient services and solutions for the credit and card market. Based on the experience and training of each of its partners, the company develops products capable of covering the entire credit life cycle of a client, through: capture workflows, loan and card processing, connectivity with various information sources , massive campaigns, customer segmentation, development of scorecard models, arrears, collections, bank reconciliation, loyalty, accounting, money laundering prevention, risk alerts, and process automation. It also offers other accessories such as reports and dashboards, collection systems, self-management terminals, and consulting services.

BeClever S.A. recently completed 10 years in the software / financial industry. Its products are operating in six Latin American countries, installed in recognized entities: Banking, Financial, Automotive, Retail, Insurance, Telecommunications, Flow transporters, Payment media processors, Telcos, and also now, in FinTechs.

With first-class technology applied and implementing smart business strategies, our “FinTech” offering offers agility and comfort in the generation and processing of loans. The application covers the complete circuit of a loan, from negotiation processes, customer segmentation and inquiries to external data sources (bureaus), determination of the best offer for each Customer, granting with transfer of funds, agreements with banks for the sweep fees (debits) and collection and accounting procedures.

"Our solution is designed so that a person who browses the internet from their cell phone can process a personal loan in simple steps and with minimal requirements, at any time and from anywhere. Through a social network, advertising banner, or other promotional campaign via SMS or mailing, the interested party accesses a landing page where they will request a certain amount, upload a basic personal form, and in a matter of minutes they will be able to have the money credited in your home banking; or else, the credit may be processed by a merchant via the web in order to be able to finance a product or service to a potential client ”, commented Gustavo Defilpo, president of BeClever S.A.

Marketing studies show that access to new technologies makes consumers more sophisticated and impulsive, with shorter times for action, so having customized financial products are the new challenge to be incorporated by marketing entities; while the goal of the financial sector is to achieve convergence between FinTech companies and banks, resulting in a strategic “enabler” of solutions (credits) for the Client.

Although banks have currently lowered the supply of loans to take advantage of the Liquidity Letters (LELIQ) offered by the BCRA, the financial market reflects a noticeable increase in the request for loans. Recently, a leading consulting firm specialized in economics published that the highest percentage of people require these commitments to pay off debts, pay for services and / or credit cards, and even face daily expenses that allow them to make ends meet. In contrast to this reality, the application for credit for ‘personal tastes’ such as traveling or buying clothing registered much lower percentages.